Is eating allowed on a Juice Detox?

We breakdown the pros & cons to eating while juice detoxing

"Can I eat while on a juice detox?" - It's a question the team hear quite a lot, and for good reason too! If you're a juicing newbie or even a seasoned detoxer then sometimes you might wonder whether it's possible to eat while on a juice detox. Don't get us wrong we completely understand why, the thought of refraining from food for 3 to 5 days is a big ask for anyone! So, we look at why a juice detox is traditionally requires you to refrain from food & what alternatives are out there now.

Its all about the intake

Now, we're not in the business of banishing food - Food's great! We believe that correct nutrition is one of the most important things in life but so is achieving the correct balance. We know that fueling the body with the right mixes of macro nutrients is the key to help getting a great physique but we also understand that stepping back & having some naughty food is good for the soul too & is something which should never be ignored or looked upon in a negative matter. So, I guess it's the question of how a juice detox fits in to this? Well, we think its quite simple really, a juice detox should be treated as something to help restore the bodies natural PH levels and remove any harmful toxins which the body is exposed too when eating a lot of every day foods. So, what does eating do while on a juice detox?

Hit the reset button

Like we say, a detox should be treated as a chance to give your body a chance to chill from all the toxins that every day food carries, so what exactly does eating while on a detox do? Well, I guess the answer is quite a clear one.... it all depends on what you're eating! It's not rocket science that if you juice all day & then tuck in to a Big Mac then it makes the whole process somewhat counter productive, however if you feed your body with some pure, organic wholefoods then we can expect to see the results similar to abstaining from food! For example, if you juice throughout the day & then have an evening meal with some kale, whole grains & stay away from anything processed then you can feel the benefits similar to just juicing. We would recommend staying away from meat & going as raw & organic as possible to really feel the difference.

So, although there's no negatives it's most definitely all about balance when considering eating while on a juice detox! We have a perfect juice til dinner package available which ticks all the right boxes too...