"We’re committed to being plastic free by 2023"

- Kurt Wilson - Founder & Managing Director


We are fully committed to being plastic free by 2023. We have already made huge steps towards this. In November 2021 we replaced our original polystyrene box with a plastic free, fully recyclable insulated box.

We have also taken many more measures, find out below.

"We are committed to being waste free by 2023"

Waste free...

We extract all the juicy goodness from the fresh fruit & vegetables that we receive each and every day. Once the juice is extracted, we are left with highly nutritious & fibrous pomace. This pomace is collected by a local Pig Rescue farm and is used to keep them fit & healthy.

Our waste cardboard is segragated & is sent for recycling. We are working with a general waste supplier to ensure our waste is re-used.

What we believe...

"I believe that it is possible to offer highly nutritious cold pressed juices without damaging our environment. Since going plant based myself in 2019 I have been on a mission to find solutions that will enable Fuel Station and our assosciated companies to become plastic & waste free by 2023. I am confident we can achieve this in a shorter time frame.

We are currently working on a full Bio-Degradeable bottle, ready for launch in early 2022. We have removed plastic from our insulated boxes, changing to a fully biodegradale option, and swapped out our cleaning products for eco-friendly alternatives.

We also source the majority of our produce from UK farms, offering them a better rate than supermarkets which creates a win-win scenario for us both. I personally believe that the majority of the food we consume should come from local, seasonal & sustainable sources."

- Kurt Wilson - Founder & Managing Director