Collagen Detoxes... How & Why?

So, it's a thing... The Collagen Detox is here & it's proving to be very, very popular, but why?

The team aren't ones to do things by halves, neither are we ones to sit back and follow the crowd. You see, we're a very innovative bunch when it comes to our products & we take every opportunity to iterate new versions of our detoxes & diets to constantly improve them. So, that's where the decision come from to introduce collagen into a detox! One thing we hear a lot from our #FuelWarriors is not only how great they feel post detox, but also how surprised they are by how much their skin & nails have also improved, which got us thinking "how can we maximize the benefits to the hair & nails in a detox"...

To the Juicer!

So we started to experiment!Now believe us this wasn't a straight forward process & in our quest to find the perfect balance we trialed all kinds of different combinations, which, unsurprisingly, came up with all kinds of different results! Some tasted great but didn't quite do it for us, some tasted terrible which took us straight back to the drawing board. But hey, juicing is a journey & we love the learnings we took from it. But then we discovered that a few people were loving collagen supplements & that just got us thinking..

Introducing the collagen detox

We found a mix! By the introduction of collagen with some more premium ingredients such as Kale, Tender-stem Broccoli, Spinach & Ginger we found not only something that tastes great but worked amazingly! We tried it personally within the team & the effects on our hair & skin we're unbelievable! We found ourselves with stronger nails & glossier hair while our energy levels were revitalized & appetite control firmly back under control! Our collagen detox has been getting some brilliant reviews from our #FuelWarriors & you can see why by checking it out here.


If you want to know a little bit more about our collagen detox, or any detox for that matter then just drop one of the team a line here! We'll be more than happy to get back to you & talk through your options.