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Probiotic Juice Cleanse Diet
Probiotic Juice Cleanse Diet
Probiotic Juice Cleanse Diet
Probiotic Juice Cleanse Diet
Probiotic Juice Cleanse Diet
Probiotic Juice Cleanse Diet
Probiotic Juice Cleanse Diet
Probiotic Juice Cleanse Diet
Probiotic Juice Cleanse Diet
Probiotic Juice Cleanse Diet
Probiotic Juice Cleanse Diet
Probiotic Juice Cleanse Diet

Probiotic Juice Cleanse Diet

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Probiotic Juice Cleanse Diet

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The UK's best selling, juice cleanse! If you are looking to lose weight and kick start a healthier lifestyle, then a juice cleanse is perfect for you. Enjoy our tasty cold-pressed juices for the next couple of days and reap the huge rewards in just a few days. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see our customer's reviews and testimonials.

  • From the biggest Juice Cleanse producer in the UK!
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Perfect for weight loss
  • Perfect for gut health
  • We only use RAW Fruit & Vegetables
  • Immediately frozen to lock in nutrients
  • Cold pressed to pack in as much nutrients as possible
  • Choose your shipping day at checkout
  • Place in freezer on arrival and take the juices you need out 12 hours before
  • We deliver Monday - Sunday (choose at checkout)

This package contains 5 x 330ml juices & a 300ml Kombucha for each day. Approx 648 calories per day. 

Our customers have lost up to the following on this package:

3 Day - 11lbs

5 Day - 13lbs

7 Day - 16 lbs

Our Probiotic Cleanse incorporates live Kombucha. Kombucha is a fantastic probiotic, containing beneficial live microorganisms that can help improve gut health. In this packages these are combined with our most popular juices & contain more vegetables than our Fruit Boost packages but do contain approx. 50%+ fruit. This is our most range of juices. Perfect for beginners and more advanced juicers. Please see the images to see more nutritional information and ingredients for each juice.

Weight loss is just one of the many benefits of a juice cleanse. We have helped hundreds of thousands of customers reach their personal goals including kickstarting their new healthy regime and reaching their goal weight. Our advice is try not to focus on just weight loss and more how you feel post cleanse, how the cleanse can adjust your eating habits and the other amazing benefits like improved sleep, clearer skin and improving your general wellbeing.

*Weight loss & benefits are based on previous customers results. Results may vary based on individuals. Weight loss is not guaranteed*


It is great to give your body that much needed "reset" time. Cold Pressed juice is packed with micro & phytonutrients, however the fibre is removed.

This allows the digestive system to have a break for a few days whilst the body is still flooded with nutrients.

Potential Benefits Include:

  • Flooding the body with easily absorbable minerals & nutrients.
  • Improvement of sleep quality.
  • Skin & hair clarity.
  • Weight loss.
  • Giving the body & digestive system a much needed break / reset time.
  • Kick starting healthier regimes and reduction in sugar cravings after the cleanse.

Free Juice Shots are included with our Standard, Fruit Boost, Low Sugar, All Green & Soup Cleanse. Please note they are not included with our Essential Cleanse packages, Work From Home, Till Dinner Packages. Please contact us prior to ordering if you are unsure which packages they are included in.

With applicable orders you will receive one juice shot per day of your cleanse.

Rated Excellent!! The most & highest rated Juice Cleanse in the UK. Check us out on Trustpilot.

We have 4 main package groups.

  • Fruit Boost Cleanses (for those who prefer sweet juice & maybe dislike veggies. Recommended for beginner).
  • Standard Cleanses (Recommended for beginners and those who have cleansed before, these are our most popular and we would usually advise starting here as long as you like veggies.
  • Low Sugar Cleanses (Recommended for the experienced cleansers, these contain a minimal amount of fruit and predominantly veggies).
  • Soup Cleanse (Available in Fruit, Standard & Low Sugar)

Our juices are delivered in a chilled box with ice packs. Choose your preferred delivery day at checkout. You must be available to accept your delivery on the delivery date.

We deliver 7 Days Per Week.

Orders received before 3pm on the day of dispatch will be delivered the next day. Orders received after 3pm will be delivered on the next working day unless a specified delivery date is selected.

If you would like to start Monday morning we recommend having your cleanse delivered on Saturday or Sunday so it is ready to start on Monday.

Our juices are delivered in a single delivery. The juices have been through a chilled process which locks in nutrients and keeps them fresh for the period of the cleanse. Juices need to be placed into a freezer immediately on arrival and then taken out to defrost 12 hours before (the night before) needing to consume them.

We only use grade A - high quality fruit and vegetables. All juices are made in house using a Cold-Press juicer. Please see images above for ingredients and nutritional information for each juice.

Whoa there! Now we understand that a juice detox might be the first step in kick-starting a weight loss effort however we definitely advise against this. When juicing you are fasting & therefore your should not be putting your body through the mill to help squeeze the most out of your detox. A juice detox allows your body to revitalize and remove any toxins from your body, allow yourself time to do it and respect the process.

When doing a juice cleanse you are allowing your body time to rid itself of any harmful toxins which you may have consumed previously, caffeine is one of them. We advise you to stay away from any caffeinated coffee’s or teas while completing your detox as it gives your body a chance to completely rejuvenate itself. We also strongly suggest plenty of water.

Weight Loss is just one of the significant benefits of our Juice Cleanse.

Check out our reviews on each product & also our independent Trustpilot reviews.

We are constantly reviewing and improving our processes. We are now a 100% waste free site, all of our bottles are 100% recyclable and made with a minimum of 30% recycled materials.

We are also on a mission to be plastic free by 2025!