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From our tradition 3 & 5 day plans, to the newer Juice Til Dinner packages… we have a juice detox that is perfect for you! From the classic Veg based cleanse, for our more hardcore juicers, to the sweeter tasting Fruit Cleanse (perfect for those looking to lose their juicing virginity) there is something in our Juice Detox range for everyone.
We deliver our Juice Detoxes to London, Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow… All over the UK in fact! You let us know where you’d like to cleanse & refresh and we will get it to you (even with next day delivery too!)
Celebrities from Michelle Keegan to Alex Gerrard to Champion Boxers across The UK have all taken advantage of our brilliant 3 & 5 day juice detox & juice cleanses, and now we deliver to more places than ever before you can try us out too! Our Juice cleanses can reach all over the UK with next day delivery, so be safe in the knowledge that when you order, your order is boxed up & sent out via an overnight courier to ensure your juice cleanse reaches you when you need it to!
Our juice cleanse & soup detox cleanse consist of natural fresh juices, never frozen. They are packed with the freshest of fruit & veg, boxed and sent on the same day as ordering to keep as many of the nutrients as possible. Juice Cleanses are sent next working day across the UK so we can get a juice detox to London or Edinburgh (and everywhere in between) by the next working day! Freshness doesn’t wait, so why should you?
Our juice’s are sold as meal replacements as part of our juice cleanse packages, with the main objective of weight loss and cleansing. The ingredients have been carefully chosen to pack the juice with the maximum nutrients and as little sugar as possible.
Our Juice Cleanse UK & Juice Detox UK programs have been inspired by juice fasts including Jason Vale & Joe The Juicer to give you a tasty and nutritious selection of fresh juices, giving you simple and clean fruits & veg. We never add sugars or pasteurize. We believe that a juice cleanse should be everything you need to revitalize your body to give it the kick start you need to help start a new healthier lifestyle & that’s why we do everything we can to get you the freshest pressed cleanse to you in the shortest amount of time. We also believe in honesty & transparency when it comes to what we put in our juices & that’s why we’re more than happy to tell you if you’d like to know… Just ask!
Want to know how what is in our Juice Cleanse UK & Soup Detox packages?
We have carefully chosen the finest fruits & vegetables to ensure each cleanse package is packed with the most nutrients and vitamins to help you cleanse, detox & rejuvenate.
From Spinach, Strawberries, Apple, Cucumber through to the ripest of lemons. Select any package to see what exactly is in each package. Want to know more? Well below is a list of our juicing FAQs!
Prefer a sweeter juice? Then try our Fruit Boost Cleanse, a lot more fruit than vegetables, perfect for the first timer.
Juice Detox FAQs
There’s no such thing as a silly question, so if you’re unsure of what the expect from a Fuel Station Juice Detox then feel free to ask right here! But we’ve been helping out our loyal Fuel Warriors with all their juicing needs for some time now, so we thought we might breakdown some of the more frequently asked juicing questions:
Whats the best juice detox for a first timer?
Now this has to be one of the most commonly asked questions… and for good reason! First of all, its brilliant that you’re thinking of juicing but let’s be honest, it can be a little bit daunting to start. We have a range of over 12 juice detox plans to choose from so we can totally understand why you mightn’t be entirely sure where to start. For us it all falls in to two categories:
Duration – We’re often asked how long a first time juicer should detox for. We offer both 3 & 5 day detoxes & although we understand that some of our potentially new Fuel Warriors might be quite diet savvy we would always recommend a 3 day plan to start. The reason behind it is that although the benefits of juicing are amazing you must take your time with it, there’s no point in rushing things & 5 days is a very long time to be fasting for! So, take it slow and go for a 3 day detox.
Taste – So this one is an obvious one… Not everyone wants to jump in at the deep end! Our traditional juice detoxes contain Kale, Celery, Cucumber, Beetroot & Ginger & we understand that not everyone loves their greens as much as we do. For a first time juicer we would recommend trying our Fruit Boost Detox it has all the benefits of our traditional detox packages but with the inclusion of red grapes & strawberries, it tastes just that little sweeter!
So, for someone to ease themselves in to losing their juicing virginity we would definitely recommend our 3 day fruit boost detox, just to give a good idea of what juicing is all about.
Can you still exercise while on a juice detox?
Whoa there! No we understand that a juice detox might be the first step in kick-starting a weight loss effort however we definitely advise against this. When juicing you are fasting & therefore your should not be putting your body through the mill to help squeeze the most out of your detox. A juice detox allows your body to revitalize and remove any toxins from your body, allow yourself time to do it and respect the process.
Can I drink tea or coffee as part as a juice detox?
When doing a juice cleanse you are allowing your body time to rid itself of any harmful toxins which you may have consumed previously, caffeine is one of them. We advise you to stay away from any caffeinated coffee’s or teas while completing your detox as it gives your body a chance to completely rejuvenate itself. We also strongly suggest plenty of water.
What order do I drink my juices?
This is a very good question indeed! Although we do provide a guidance sheet with all our detoxes we do get asked what the best sequence to take the juices are. So, if we take our classic 3 day juice cleanse for example a typical day would look like:
Super green juice
Carrot Spice
Beet Boost
Super Green
How long does my juice detox take to arrive?
We guarantee next day delivery on all orders made before 2pm (Monday-Thursday). All next day delivery is free on order over £85 to ensure our cleanses are as fresh as possible throughout transit we blast chill all our juices prior to sending them out. We only use overnight couriers to ensure that our juices are with you as soon as possible.
No we understand that this list won’t cover every question so if you have anything else you need to know then just drop us a line through our contact form or you can say hello through Twitter!

*weight loss is based on customer feedback & we do not guarantee weight loss.