Our Athletes

Fuel Station is very proud to work with professional athletes and key personnel from the fitness industry. We work in partnership with individuals who have the goal of reaching the top of their profession and an understanding of how vital nutrition is to that progress.

Danny “Hot Chocolate” Roberts is rapidly rising through the ranks of Mixed Martial Arts within the Cage Warriors promotion. With a fight in Dubai later in the year and a World Title shot home-coming in Liverpool early 2015, Danny knows only the best training regime can help him fulfil his dreams. A brutal training regime within this multi-discipline sport requires Danny to keep his body fuelled and able to perform to the highest level. Our shakes and food products allow Danny to train harder and longer and lets his body recover enough to go again tomorrow.

For more information on Danny and his upcoming fights, click here #TeamFS #EatFitBeFit

Alex Cannon takes fitness to another level. This 26 year old fitness instructor and model has dedicated himself to training to the extent that he can now put marble statues to shame. He trains at a high intensity, repeating his reps until he can’t go on. This demand on his body places an even greater importance on how he fuels his body and the nutrition he needs. Alex is working with Fuel Station simply because we know what we are talking about, we understand his regime and we provide exactly what his body needs whenever he needs it. Another committed member of #TeamFS #EatFitBeFit