Happy New Year! 2020 is finally over, and although 2021 has welcomed us with another national lockdown in the UK, we're still feeling positive about the year ahead. January is a great time to start fresh and reset after Christmas. If you indulged in a few too many chocolates or glasses (bottles) of wine over the festive period, a new year juice detox is the perfect thing to help you to get back on track, and reset your body and digestive system. Whether you want to detox for 3 days, 5 days, or a week, we've got you covered!

Why should you do a January juice cleanse? 

1. It detoxes your body 
Christmas is a time to indulge, so that means your body has likely been overloaded with lots of different foods and alcoholic beverages (tub of roses for lunch, anyone?). This type of eating can make you feel sluggish and run down, and it puts a strain on your digestive system. A juice detox will help you get back on track, fast! As our juices consist of just fresh fruit and vegetables, this helps to give your liver and kidneys a break, plus provides your body with much needed vitamins and minerals! 
2. It provides you with stable energy 
We know that January can often be busy, and getting back into the swing of work can take a lot of brain power. It's important to provide your body with essential sugars, calories, vitamins, minerals, and more so that your body and mind can function properly. 
3. It will help you loose Christmas weight 
We're not judging - Christmas is meant to be enjoyed! But have you noticed a few extra unwanted pounds that weren't there before the festive period? Our juice cleanses can help you to loose weight, in a healthy way. You won't fall victim to the nasty sugar or carb cravings that often happen with fad diets either, as the fruit and vegetables will provide you with plenty. A juice cleanse also gives your body a break from toxins, chemicals, and other nasty ingredients that can prevent your body from functioning as it should. 
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Written By Daisy Speed - Team Fuel