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Ginger Hot Shots - 16g Per Shot
Ginger Hot Shots - 16g Per Shot
Ginger Hot Shots - 16g Per Shot
Ginger Hot Shots - 16g Per Shot

Ginger Hot Shots - 16g Per Shot

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Ginger Hot Shots - 16g Per Shot

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Introducing our 60ml Ginger Hot Shots – a powerful, all-natural solution crafted from fresh ginger root, not from powder. Packed with the fiery essence of pure ginger, these Hot Shots are designed to invigorate your senses and provide a myriad of health benefits.

**Key Features:**

1. **Pure Ginger Goodness:** Our Ginger Hot Shots are crafted from fresh ginger root, ensuring that you receive the full spectrum of benefits that nature intended. Say goodbye to powdered substitutes – this is the real deal. With over 16g of pure cold pressed Ginger per shot.

2. **Convenient 60ml Shots:** Each bottle contains a perfectly measured 60ml shot of potent ginger goodness. Conveniently packaged for on-the-go consumption, our Hot Shots make it easy to incorporate the health benefits of ginger into your daily routine.

3. **Fiery Flavour:** Experience the bold, zesty kick of real ginger with every sip. Our Hot Shots are not only a health elixir but a flavourful indulgence for those who appreciate the natural intensity of this remarkable root.

**Health Benefits:**

1. **Immune Boost:** Loaded with antioxidants, our Ginger Hot Shots provide a natural boost to your immune system. Regular consumption can help your body fend off illnesses and keep you feeling your best.

2. **Digestive Harmony:** Ginger has been revered for centuries for its digestive benefits. These Hot Shots can alleviate nausea, support healthy digestion, and ease discomfort after meals, making them a must-have for those seeking digestive wellness.

3. **Anti-Inflammatory Powerhouse:** Ginger is renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties. By incorporating our Hot Shots into your routine, you may experience reduced inflammation and improved joint health, promoting overall well-being.

4. **Energizing Pick-Me-Up:** Need a natural energy boost? Look no further. The invigorating properties of ginger make these Hot Shots an ideal choice for a quick and natural pick-me-up, without the jitters associated with artificial energy drinks.

5. **Circulation Support:** Ginger has been shown to support healthy blood circulation. Regular consumption of our Hot Shots may contribute to better cardiovascular health, aiding in the maintenance of optimal blood flow.

6. **Alleviate Muscle Discomfort:** Whether from exercise or daily activities, muscle discomfort can be a challenge. The anti-inflammatory effects of ginger in our Hot Shots may help ease muscle soreness and promote faster recovery.

**How to Enjoy:**

1. **Straight Up:** Take a 60ml shot straight from the bottle for a quick burst of ginger goodness.

2. **Mix Into Beverages:** Add the Hot Shots to your favourite beverages – water, tea, or even a smoothie – for a flavourful twist with added health benefits.

3. **Culinary Delight:** Get creative in the kitchen by incorporating our Ginger Hot Shots into your recipes. From salad dressings to marinades, the possibilities are endless.

Unleash the power of fresh ginger with our 60ml Ginger Hot Shots – a convenient, flavourful, and natural way to support your health and well-being. Elevate your daily routine with the fiery essence of real ginger, and experience the transformative benefits firsthand.

"I have a shot every morning to pack my day with micro nutrients, these are definitely part of my daily routine now"A Immunity Boosting Shot for each morning. Packed with Turmeric, Ginger, Apple, & Lemon. These little tasty beauties are the perfect way to kick start your morning."

UK's highest rated Cold Pressed Juice Co

Harness the Strength of RAW Turmeric & Ginger for Ultimate Antioxidant Support.

We only use grade A - high quality fruit and vegetables. All juices are made in house using a high tech cold press juice equipment.

Our juices & shots are made with 100% RAW Ingredients, 100% Cold Pressed for Maximum Nutrient retention.

We deliver 7 Days Per Week! Want to start your health kick tomorrow? Order before 3pm for next day delivery.

Our shots can be kept in the fridge for up to 60 days.


Rated Excellent!! The most & highest rated Juice Cleanse in the UK. Check us out on Trustpilot.

We are constantly reviewing and improving our processes. We are now a 100% waste free site, all of our bottles are 100% recyclable and made with a minimum of 30% recycled materials.

We are also on a mission to be plastic free by 2025!

100% RAW & Natural