New Eco Box + Delivery Increases

New Eco Box + Delivery Increases

In November 2021 we launched our new eco-insulated box. This brought us a another step closer to a totally plastic free product.

The new box is made from recycled materials and itself is fully recyclable. A huge step forward from the polystyrene based boxes we began with.

Unfortunately in the last 2 years we have faced some large price increases with BREXIT & the Covid Pandemic. Cardboard has increased by nearly 50%, fuel prices are up by a similar amount also.

We are committed to offering the best value cold pressed juice in the UK. We have always maintained the lowest delivery fees of our competitors & we will continue to do so.

Unfortunately we have had to increase our delivery fee as our courier & our packaging supplie have both raised their prices in Jan 2022. We will continue to monitor this and we will try to reduce this when possible.

Kurt Wilson - Co-founder