Juice Cleanse versus Blending. What is the difference?

Blending fresh fruit is good, but why is it different from a juice cleanse...

We started out a humble Juice Bar in Liverpool City Centre and we offered a range of products including our ever popular juice cleanse packages, individual detox juices, diet plans and also blended smoothies.

The question we were hit with day in & day out, “Juice vs Smoothie, what’s the difference?”. Well here is a little more information on what the difference is.



Juices are the fundamental part of our juice detox / juice cleanse packages. In simple terms juicing extracts all the nutrients (vitamins, photogenes etc.) from the fruit & veg but leaves behinds the difficult to digest fibre.

Without the presence of fibre within a juice, your body (digestive system) can break down and absorb the nutrients quickly as your body doesn’t have to work as hard. This is why they are perfect as part of a juice cleanse programme as the body can grab the nutrients quickly but without having to work too hard.

We are also asked which is the best juicer to buy? On a domestic level our recommendation are Angel Juicers, now although they may seem a little pricey, we’d say they are worth every penny. But of course we are famous for our 3 & day detoxes...



Now smoothies are different as they are produced with the whole fruit & vegetable produce. As the fibre is still broken down when it is blended it can be absorbed quickly by the body, but it’s mere presence means the digestive system has to work a little harder and therefore the smoothie takes longer to digest.

Both blending and juicing are really healthy ways of consuming more fruit & vegetables, they just have slightly different effects.

Our recommendation on the best blender HAS to be the Vitamix, again a little pricey but this baby can produce smoothies, frozen yoghurts and hot soup!
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