The health benefits of cashews are many, maybe even surprising, so when you eat raw cashews know that you are doing something very positive for your body and mind.

All nuts are heart-healthy and full of important antioxidants and minerals. Cashew nutrition is similar to that of many nuts. Perhaps one of the main health benefits of cashews is their touted ability to help with depression. In the vegan diet, meats are excluded and all food is plant-based. Therefore, the role of nuts is very important, sometimes being regarded as a meat substitute.

Cashews are a tasty snack and much more if you are following a vegan eating plan. In fact, knowing a bit about cashew nutrition may have you reaching for those raw cashews with a smile on your face.

Cashews are often used in raw food recipes. Their mild sweetness and smooth texture add flavor and body to many raw food dishes. The facts of cashew nutrition is even superior to their properties of taste and texture. The health benefits of cashews may hold a clue as to why the raw diet is so healthy.

Ever hear that the shape of fruits and vegetables gives a clue as to what it is good for? Well, the little cashew nut is shaped like a “smile.” Yes, cashew nuts are potentially good for for helping to boost your moods and stabilize your thoughts.

Cashew Nutrition

Popping that handful of cashews will not only boost your tryptophan levels, it is just the start of the health benefits of cashews. A single ounce of raw, unsalted cashews showcases an impressive array of raw minerals, ready to nourish the cells of your body. These minerals are potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, iron, sodium, manganese, zinc, copper and selenium. Cashews are also rich in folate and vitamin K. This array of minerals offers far superior and genuine health benefits that far exceed conventional drug therapy. It is no wonder that the cashews nut is shaped like smile.

Health Benefits of Cashews Involve Weight Loss

Eating nuts, cashews included, may be one of the reasons that raw food and weight loss are linked. The SUN study showed that individuals who consumed nuts of any type on a regular basis were actually at a reduced risk of weight gain. Like coconut oil and nuts in general, cashews are no exception, they are high in fat— very good fat. The fat content of nuts, including cashews, helps to satisfy your hunger and fills you up while helping to keep the weight off.

Go Nuts About Your Heart

Cashews contains oleic acid, which is the heart-healthy fat found in olive oil. This fat can also help reduce triglyceride levels in diabetics. Diabetics are not the only ones who may benefit from eating cashews and other nuts.

A study linking nuts to a lower risk of coronary heart disease showed that the more nuts consumed, the better the chance of reduced heart disease.

Buying Raw Cashews

Obviously you want your cashews raw, so avoid the roasted ones in the can. You will always find them shelled since the shell of the cashew nut contains a caustic resin called cashew balm, which is not fit for consumption. This resin is used to produce varnishes and insecticides.

Look for plump, ivory-colored nuts that are free of spots, mold, shriveling or pitting. If possible, smell the cashews to make sure that are not rancid.