We have been really busy this week, not only our juice detox packages, the diet plans which we have sent to our customers but also doing some outreach work with Nutricia - based at their factory in Liverpool.

We cannot put into words how excited we are at the potential to be working with them on teaching their valued staff on the importance of eating well in the workplace and the positive effects this can have.

Now Nutricia aren't just any organisation! They are the umbrella company for many international health products including Activia and a protein we love to use Kinetica.

Nutricia are a very health focused organisation and they like to promote health amongst their employees. What we have offered is a week's worth of "Healthy Eating Workshops", focusing on macro nutrients, energy within the body and insulin. The feedback has been brilliant and wanted to say thank you for the opportunity and how excited we are to continue building a great working relationship.

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