What is a Celebrity Juice Cleanse?

What is a Celebrity Juice Cleanse & What Does They Do?

From Salma Hayek to Gemma Collins, Celebrities Love to Juice Cleanse

Ok, so it's no secret that we've been known provide our famous juice cleanses & juice detoxes to a few celebrities but we thought we'd write a quick blog to answer a reoccurring question - "Why do celebrities juice cleanse?!". Well, I guess this is a pretty straight forward one for us... it's because its the perfect kick start!

Now at Fuel HQ we are massive advocates of clean living 365 days a year, however we more than understand that people fall off the wagon & this is where our a juice cleanse is perfect for! Salma Hayek  sums it up perfectly when describing why she has been such a juice cleanse enthusiast for the past 15 years by saying "If I've been indulging in rich foods, a juice cleanse is a wonderful way to hit the reset button" - something which we fully support.

Juice cleansing & detoxing is all about giving the body a much needed reboot & a chance to revitalize. It's about nurturing & allowing the body to restart in a completely natural process, without the need of any harsh diet supplements & this is another reason why it is often the celebrity go to.

It's not just Salma Hayek who encourages the use of a juice cleanse, TOWIE's very own Gemma Collins recently enlisted the help of one of the Fuel Station Juice Detox inspirations Jason Vale to help control her eating habits. Gemma previously struggled with her weight and tried multiple, extraordinary methods (including hypnotherapy) to help manage her diet all until she enlisted the help of Jason Vale who has reportedly transformed her figure all by promoting the health benefits that come with regular juice detoxing.

It's no wonder really why celebrities love a juice cleanse, its no change from anyone else really! Although we have been known to drop Alex Gerrard & Michelle Keegan a box of goodness, we love nothing better than doing the same for our lovely Fuel Warriors...

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