The Juice Cleanse UK Campaign

Discovering the roots of the classic juice cleanse UK

Life can be busy at Fuel HQ, with endless juicing and research into new juicing innovations & recipes it's very easy to forget how it all started. Now although we have our sights set firmly on the future, it doesn't mean that we can't take a trip down memory lane now, does it!

So we're a family based affair, and although we could tell you about the twists & turns that Team Fuel have had, this post isn't about all that (although you can read it all here) however what we're trying to get at is that just as we're a family set up, so is the the concept of juicing. Hmm, right, OK, OK, OK we know what you're thinking & this definitely isn't the time that the acoustic guitar comes out, nor am I going to ask you to join our commune but what I am asking you to consider is the idea that from a couple of juicing pioneers came a world wide movement - one which came from the freedom of information and education.

Now, we make no secrets that we've been inspired by the likes of Jason Vale & Joe the juicer and why should we! Its these guys (along with many others) that helped lead the way with inspiring and educating others around the importance of juicing & the benefits behind it. And it is from small acorns which large tree's grow, from transatlantic learning to doing it right here in the UK - we began to spread the word!

All of this has led us to here, spearheading the juice cleanse UK campaign! We're here to inspire & educate all you future Fuel Warriors about the brilliant benefits behind regular juicing! From weight management to promoting healthier looking skin & hair, meal replacement juicing is the perfect little bottle of goodness! Something which has helped the likes of Gemma Collins achieve amazing results like this.

So that's just a quick snippet in to the wonderful road of where the team are now, and part of the madness which helped create our brilliant juice cleanse programs but that's not all yet - with more brilliant packages in the pipeline we ask you to hold tight & keep em peeled!

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