Is Sushi the new healthy takeaway food?

We ALL love a takeaway from time to time. It keeps us sane (or am I talking for myself only?)

Well we have been looking into which takeaway/restaurant meals are the best and worst for our body. I think we all know that a takeaway pizza is about as bad as can be. Full of carbs, minimal protein and lots of saturated fat.

What about Sushi?

Well this has been a personal favourite of ours and we have been visiting a lot, and we mean a lot. Sushi is made using raw fish, so all that omega 3 & high protein remains and as it's not cooked all the nutrients are kept in tact, a bit like our juices. They're not pasteurised and no heat is added to ensure as many nutrients as possible are retained.

So there you go. Sushi & raw juice are linked and we now have a healthy treat lined up for those weekends.

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