Some Surprising Benefits To a Juice Cleanse

5 Surprising Benefits to a Juice Cleanse

We've compiled a list of some positive extra's you might get when taking on a juice cleanse...

It's no secret that we've been in the Juice Cleanse game for a little while now & we'd like to think that we've seen it all (or at least a lot of it) which is what has led us to compile some of the positive extras that our amazing customers have fed-back to us following their juice cleanses!

Appetite Control

Now, this one might sound a little out there, so stay with us. A juice cleanse does require a certain degree of will power as expected, it is fasting diet after all however our Fuel Warriors feel the benefit of a more controlled appetite following a juice cleanse. Through fasting and sticking to a maximum of 4-5 juices per day you can expect that this is a massive shock to the body, not only in terms of food intake but also around the psychology of food & how we actually perceive the stuff that is on our plate & more importantly how much of it actually needs to be on our plate! Over eating is one of the biggest downfalls of a healthy regime with people not understanding that eating too much of a good thing doesn't necessarily mean  good thing. Dieting is all about portion control & allowing your body the right amount of fuel depending on your goals and activities & this is where a juice cleanse comes in to its own. From stringently fasting for 3-5 days to the post detox meal you can expect to feel more content with eating a more suitable amount of food, over eating can be stopped in its tracks with a juice cleanse!

A re-appreciation for the clear stuff

Water! It makes up to 70% of our body so it doesn't take an expert to figure out its pretty important now... So why, in this modern day & age, are we at a record low for water consumption? Be honest, how many times do you find yourself reaching for a Coke every time you feel thirsty? What's important to remember is two things: 1) You're not alone in this & 2) A juice cleanse can get you back to hitting those h20 levels in no time. How? It's simple, to get the most out of a juice cleanse you need to be consuming up to 3l of water a day & essentially nothing else! After 3-5 days of drinking nothing but raw fruit & vegetables & water you will be back to a new re-hydration high, leaving you more control over what you drink & hopefully swerving those sugary alternatives for good!


Catching more zZz's

Its not only re-hydration & portion control that a juice cleanse happens to help with, but also the amount of good quality rest you'll find yourself having. Sleep is probably one of the most underrated factors in any fitness regime & ignoring this cornerstone of well being is to ignore your body the proper time to repair itself of any damage it may have sustained through training or just day to day wear & tear. Some factors which negatively affect sleep can often be found in a poor diet, such as high sugar intakes or over consumption of caffeine both of which are banned while on a juice cleanse. By making a small change like this, it can have a massive affect to the quality of your sleep allowing you to wake up in the morning feeling more refreshed & ready to tackle the day.


So there you have it! They are just a few reasons cheeky extras you could find yourself squeezing from a juice detox! Juice cleanses ay, who'd have thought it...

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