Post Easter Detox

How To Tackle The Post Easter Detox

We breakdown the beginners guide to beating the bank holiday bloat & winning with a Juice Detox

So, firstly, there's a reason why we didn't post this blog a week ago & that's because we're realists at Fuel HQ & we know better than anyone that the week after Easter is just as much of a minefield then the day itself. Why? Because no matter how hard you try it's impossible to demolish every single Easter egg in the house in one day & then the week after Easter becomes an upwards struggle with your will power not to finish off the last of the creme eggs. And, hey, thats fine! We know better than anyone that we're only human & even at Fuel HQ we'd be lying if we said we didn't like the occasional treat! Which leads us here, looking to drop a couple of diet SOS tips to everyone still struggling to shake the Easter egg cravings...

Can a juice detox get you back on track?

Definitely! A juice detox is the perfect way to completely rejuvenate & revitalize the body! It allows the body to naturally rid itself of any toxins which we consumer daily such as caffeine & refined sugars (bet the cup of tea with your mini eggs don't seem like such a good idea now hey?) One thing that we can be sure of is that when done right, a juice detox helps to restore your body back to its best through the digestion cycle, this explains why a lot of post detoxers claim they feel "cleaner" on the inside!


How long should I detox for?

Now this is a tricky one... First of all, it all comes down to previous experience - are you a juicing virgin? In that case lets take it easy and go in with a 3 day cycle to start with. Had a detox before & looking to step it up a gear? Well a 5 day detox could just do the trick to get rid of the nasty Easter egg hangover. We can't emphasize enough to importance of not rushing in to a juice detox, time & preparation is key and no one knows your own body better than you. Don't push yourself too hard & respect the process, the results will be more sustainable & above all else more enjoyable!


So thats it! There's no need to go on a mass Easter egg binning spree, just consider a detox as your post Easter SOS! Not quite sure of something we said? Well just drop us a line & one of the Fuel Team will get back to you in no time at all!

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