The Fuel Station Guide to Post Christmas Detoxing

Christmas Detox Time!

Everyone over indulges over the festive period, but could a Juice Detox help you get back on track?

Its that time of year: we finish work; we go on a last minute rush to buy socks & scarfs for distant relatives; we meet up with friends & family & spend some much needed time with our loved ones & lets face it... we eat & drink a lot (and if you're anything like us.... we're talking A LOT). But it's cool, honestly - and although this sounds a little bit strange coming from a health & well being advocate but hear us out.

Now, although we usually fill up your social media feeds & email boxes (as well as telling everyone we know & occasionally yelling it from the rooftops...) most of the year telling you about how great our juice detoxes & delivered diets are (they really are, take a look) we are massive advocates of relaxing & cycling off a diet occasionally - it's only natural! No man or woman can stay living a clean lifestyle 365 days a year and a relax is good for the mind, body & soul.

So now that's all cleared up, it might be worth having one eye on the post Christmas Blitz. We all know once the festivities are over & the tinsel gets packed away, you can suddenly be left alone feeling that you've got an up hill task of shifting that unwanted Christmas weight... however this is when we truly come in to our own.

It's around this time of year our Fuel Warriors turn to us to help them beat those post turkey sandwich & Quality Street blues by asking us what is the best way to shed those unwanted lbs. So this year we thought we'd write a little post Christmas detox help guide! So here's what we found to be last years lean winners last year:

1) Our 5 Day Juice Detox

So this little beauty proved to be the winner to beat those post Christmas blues! We were inundated with orders and queries for these little diet savers - it even got to the point that a couple of team Fuel even needed the break out this little miracle worker to help them beat the bloat!  Made up of our signature & original 3 fruit & veg juices spread across 4 installments a day, this little baby had our wondering Fuel Warriors back to their best just in time for New years!

2) Delivered Diets

For someone looking to keep that progress going all the way through January, then these proved to be just what the doctor ordered! With our Fuel Warriors picking their meals & designing their own packages based on their macro nutrient needs. Our Fuel Master Chefs ensures every ingredient was weighed and tailored accordingly ensuring that our brilliant Fuel Warriors sprung in to 2015 prepared & ready to go.

3) Our 3 Day Detox

Our signature juice detox proved to be the go to detox for our lovely Fuel Warriors once they decided to ditch the myriad of tinned sweets and yule logs. This little beauty proved to help the guys break out of the calorific cycle from hell and back to looking & feeling their best (even in enough time for a New Years eve party!). We've even taken it a couple of steps further this year with this winner of a juice detox & added an organic & fruit boost version!

So, there we have it - the Fuel Station guide to shifting those unwanted Christmas lbs. If you have any other questions or just want to speak to one of the team then just get in touch! And lastly, Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year from all at Team Fuel!

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