New Year Diet? Let Us Help

New Year, New You? How To Stick To Your New Year Diet

Sports Nutritionist, James Morehen, breaks down the beauty of setting (then smashing) the right goals!

We all do it, every year, say to ourselves this is going to be the year I get into the

best shape of my life. I’m going to have the cleanest diet, join the gym and get that

muscle beach body or slim bikini body we all crave so much!

Look back to last year and ask yourself how long it lasted for? What do you think

were the key reasons that it may not have lasted as long as you wanted it too?

James Morehen our Sports Nutritionist continues to explain that the majority of

people tend to last a few weeks at best before falling off the ‘gain train’. In James’

opinion from both his work with professional athletes and private clients 3 common

factors cause the resolutions to be unsuccessful.


1. Goals way out of reach of your current lifestyle

Many people have these fantastic goals and images that they see themselves looking

like in 3 months time, but forget that not only does it take a lot of hard work but also

a lot of time and dedication. Individual goals should be set small to start with and

achievable for the lifestyle you live. One simple one may be to begin eating breakfast

every day instead of skipping it.


2. Education

The amount of progress you see from educating athletes and clients is brilliant. It is

very easy to get caught up reading 140 characters and taking that as gospel and the

only right way. Educating yourself on the carbohydrates, proteins and fats can be a

powerful weapon when trying to carve your body into the image that you want. If

you learn about how each macronutrient can influence not only your training but

your bodies metabolism then achieving the goals set in number 1 become easier.


3. Planning and periodising your nutritional intake

As humans we naturally fast while we sleep and night-time tends to be the longest

period we go without any food intake in a 24 hour day. Therefore, it baffles me why

people skip breakfast and increase this fasting period even further when they are

trying to manipulate their body composition. Skipping breakfast starts the day

completely wrong by slowing down your metabolism and starving your body of

protein for even longer. We know from evidence that protein is KEY to maintaining

and increase muscle mass but also KEY in body fat loss. Many people say they don’t

have time for breakfast, which shows a lack of planning or preparation. Additionally,

missing this first intake early doors means that we are more likely to snack on

rubbish through the day when hunger strikes and has a knock on effect for our pre-

planned nutrient intake throughout the day. Also, if you are starved of time - don't starve your body, check out our Complete Diets (excuse the shameless plug) to let us take the sting out of meal prepping while keeping you on your new year diet!


Over the next coming months James and FS will be uploading some key relevant

evidence informed articles to help you achieve your individual goals.

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