The Importance of Freshness to a Juice Detox Delivery

Why we use overnight couriers for our Juice Cleanse & Diet Deliveries.

Freshness doesn't wait & neither do we when it comes to our juice cleanse delivery across the UK

Here at Fuel Station we take a lot of pride in the service we provide to our customers, that’s we are

always open to suggestions and love getting feedback from our loyal customers.

One of the questions we get quite often; How do you keep your juices so fresh? And above all, how

do you keep as much nutrients as possible?

It all starts with the fruit. We insist that our locally sourced fruit is the best quality, it has to be as

fresh as can be before we will let it into our Juice Cleanse packages. Our fruit is delivered daily and

we get it straight into one of our huge cold stores. This ensures the fruit is as cold as possible before

it is juiced, as this keeps the temp of the fruit low, it also helps to keep the juicing process as cold as

possible which locks in as many nutrients as possible. We know, clever thinking hey?!

Once our fruit becomes juice, we instantly bottle it up and place into a blast chiller. Now a blast

chiller is a great piece of machinery, it can freeze almost anything in less than a few minutes. This

again helps to lock as many of them super strong nutrients in as possible.

We never use HPP or any other pasteurisation as this is shown to not only kill bacteria, but also

many of the nutrients in the juice. Yep, basically killing off all that goodness!

Now for the delivery! We will accept any order before 2pm and get it to you the next day (except

highlands of Scotland). Now it is really important that we keep that juice as chilled as possible. So,

we put the ice cold juice into insulated double skinned boxes, we then add ice packs to keep the

temp under 4oC for up to 48hrs.

This is why our juice detoxes are as nutrient packed as possible and why we insist on overnight

delivery -  Nothing but the best for our lovely customers. We are one of the first companies in to

ensure this method in the UK & have been putting a smile on our customers faces when they receive

their Juice cleanse delivery.


Blast Chilled & Ready for a Juice Cleanse Delivery! Blast Chilled & Ready for a Juice Cleanse Delivery!

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