Four Steps To Get The Most Out Of Your Juice Detox

How To Get The Most Out Of a Juice Detox

We breakdown 4 easy steps to help you get the most from your juice detox

We've been juicing for many, many years now & we'd like to think after making thousands upon thousands of Fuel Warriors very happy that we know a thing or two about how to properly juice detox. So we thought we would give you a little run down of some of the best tips we've picked up & shared over the years to help you get the most out of your cleanse.

Picking the right plan

So this might sound like a slightly obvious one, but believe us, you do not want to be falling at the first hurdle! We make no secret that we have one of the widest selection of different juice detox plans available, ranging from 3 to 5 day plans & organic to fruit-boost plans so we know that for a first timer this could be quite confusing. We always recommend that if you plan on losing your juicing virginity to do it with the sweeter tasting Fruit Boost detox - we use primarily fruit for this detox allowing for a more sweeter & slightly more newbie friendly taste.


Plan ahead

We all know a juice detox is a great way to lose some unwanted weight all while feeling great & giving your skin & hair a boost (as well as loads of other benefits) however it is important to juice in accordance with your lifestyle. It's no secret that a 5 day juice detox will get greater results than a 3 day detox, however what is important is to realize how this fits in with your schedule! Although juicing for as long as possible sounds great in theory think about what you have coming up, juicing through the week might be doable but do you want to be doing so over the weekend? Take a little time to forward plan & remember less is sometimes more!


Don't bite off more than you can chew

"Can I exercise while on a juice detox?" is a question we hear a lot (like A LOT a lot). We get it, you're in the zone & you're ready to put in to this new lifestyle choice everything you have, which is great! However, when you are juicing you are on a heavy calorie deficit to allow your body a chance to rid itself of the harmful toxins consumed in every day life so although we recommend light to moderate exercise try and relax & take it easy over the course of your detox. Because at the end of the day "I'm so sad I never done all those burpees I wanted to do today" is definitely a sentence which has never once been used in the English language.


Get ready to H2GO!

Looks like you're nearly all set, but one last thing... Don't forget to drink water! And lots of it! The aim of a juice detox is to give your body that chance to remove any harmful toxins which we consume naturally day to day (such as the nasty refined sugars & caffeine... so that's right, lay off the coffee too!) so when your fasting from food you need to keep that body well hydrated! Lets not forget we are over 70% water & we need to keep this balance ticking over while the body is fasting. Look to drink between 2 to 3 liters of the clear stuff per day to keep you feeling tip top.


By bearing these little juicing gems you're on a sure fire way to squeeze the most out of your juice detox! Although we've tried to cover some of our more frequently asked questions we know we won't get everything so if you've got anything in particular you want to ask the team then get in touch with us here!

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